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STAGE at a professional high school

March 22, 2011

This week I am spending my days at a por high school hear Strasbourg. I am staying with a new host family that live jsut next to the town that the school is in. Monday I did Boulangerie.  Thats mostly breads like brioche and baguettes. I didnt really do anything because the other students were being noted so I could interfere. But today= Tuesday I did Pâtisserie which mostly the sweeter or buttery stuff like croissants and  ginger bread. So I made some pain despices which is the french version of gingerbread, but its much more fruity and less gingerbreadish. and so i ate some of the stuff I made, and theni ate a croissant a kid in the class gave me and then a petite pain au chocolat and a bit of brioche later. might not sound like alot if that was all i ate of the food i made, but if you saw the amount of butter they threw in that puppy, you would understand while i feel quite explosive right now. ahhhhhh i hate feeling so fat all the time!!!! i need to stop eating and taking everything that these people give just to be nice!!! i think by now ive gained 10 or 12 pounds. and let me tell you it is not a fun feeling, especially when you know that in a month your going to be in a bikini and shorts and tank  tops in Greece soaking up sun and athens….. so Now i think it is time to cut back on the cream and butter and hte carbs! when iget back to thann I am being very strict with myself, no more sweets!!!! and i NEED TO RUN MORE! even if i dont like the feeling of the creepy old men creeping on me….

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