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Easter Vacation :)

April 16, 2011

well yesterday was the last day of school before my 3 week vacation! 

we had the fete du lycee= high school party.  and each class dresses up as something, we were babies= lame i know. but i did my hair really weird, with a bottle in my hair and the covered it up, so my hair looked kinda hooish from the grinch. but everyone loved it, and i had sooo many people just stare at me and whisper to eachother=

“elle a mis une bouteille de-dans” or “regard ses cheveux… bizarre” 

no lie, i had more creepy pics taken of me that day than i have ever taken of men with mullets in wal-mart. i wanted to just be like” what!?!?! got a prob wiht my hair??” i swear the french have no idea what it is to be weird or even original…its almost a disease to standout for something other than being good looking, and sometimes thats even bad, you get the glare down from tons of girls u don’t even know.

also, i have realized there are more and more people in the school who don’t even know im an american, yesterday i had 3 come up to my friends when i was in the middle of talking and be like ….

” elle est quoi?? pas francaise?” “Americaine”  “ohhhh wow”

so yeah, and after school i came home and skyped with denae and kaleigh and hannah, that was sooo nice to see them, had some good talks, it feels weird ill be seeing them face to face soon, and between last night the last time i talked to them on skype was the same amount of time that i have left before ill be home. 

i cannot explain how weird it feels to say that ill be home in less than 2 months. im so ready to be home and pick up where i left off, and get ready for my senior year.  

i feel really proud of the the things i’ve done and accomplished with being here. and i feel changed, myself and i feel my horizon has definitely broadened, and i have a whole new sense of myself, that i never could of acquired otherwise. 

when you take on an exchange, you always hear how in the beginning it sucks, so badly you want to quit, then half way your language is all of a sudden amazing and you feel more and more at home, your acquaintanceship with school friends turns into an actual friendship of value. and then you get happy… really happy with everything you’ve accomplished. after being int he happy amazing phase you begin to think of home and everything its holding for you to grab when you get home… everything you’ve been starved of during the months away… and you count each day till you’ll be home silently while everything you’ve  built here becomes all of a sudden so immense. all the memories flood back, bad and good and reflection is obligatory. 

thats where i am in my head right now…. right now as i waste a morning before i have a soccer game with my horrid team. this saturdday before i leave for greece on monday! i cant not even explain how excited i am for this trip and how many beautiful pictures i am going to take.

In GREECE were going to stay in athens in an apartment for 6 days and the weather is going to be amazing.  and im really excited to use my lomo camera that take 4 pics in one sec on the same photo(piece of paper) in greece!

then after the week in greece i have a week here and then after that one week in paris with my class! 

and then 2 1/2 weeks till mom and dad and grams and gramps will be here and we’ll head down to Tuscany and Rome and Nice and Antibes   all within about 15 days! and then I’ll be on my way home the June 12th… so nice to say and know what date i’ll be home in my house, in my bed, to see my friends and my brother and sister………. cannot wait

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