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one week left

May 18, 2011

wow. this year has gone soooo fast.

everything has flown. I am so ready to be home. to be in my house, in my car… the SLEEP in my own bed! to see all my friends. and to play soccer!

im excited to show them how i’ve grown, and how i’ve been. im just excited to start living my normal life! to have power to do what i want. and when i go back to school in september, i’m going to take everything head on. im going to join as many clubs as i can and do everything i wish i did.

im ready to see my sister and brother for the first time in 10 months. it will be amazing to see them, and my parents and my dog!

its weird to think how this year apart from them, i’ve gotten a lot closer with my sister and my mom. i hope it continues that way when i get home.

well  i will be in spokane at 11 at night on june 12th. i’m soooooooooooo ready!

opps i got to go, catch a train to meet my friend in strasbourg for the day.

and friday i’ll have my frenchies over for dinner and cake for my birthdya. and then sat, all my exchange friends are coming over and we’re going to sleep in the yard in tents! im sooooooooooo excited for the second part but not the first one. wiht the frenchies i’ll have to pretend to be reallllly sad to be leaving soon. which is not true at all, and i dont know how much longer i can put up this act.

its not like i wont be sad. i will, but my closest french friends, i’ve laready made plans for them to come to montana and visit me. i am just READY!

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