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December 19, 2010

If asked the most monumental discovery of 2010, I’d say my newfound value of perfection. The pursuit of perfection, or even the pursuit of the perfectly imperfect, is a tiring tarnish on the soul. There is something incredible about imperfection… for the moments in life that take our breathe away or leave a special fingerprint on our hearts are rarely perfect but messy and stunningly riddled with imperfections

i wish  could say i wrote this, but no it is my best friend here in this beautifully and complex country who wrote this. i just felt i needed to save it and have it to look on when times are running rough.

well as of now i am sitting in my rented apartment with my host  family in PRAGUE!!!!  yes you heard right, i am in the czech republic for 4 days durring the christmas vacations.

my family is sooooo nice and so great and also luckily enough at the same time they LOOOVE to travel so were here just checking the place out for a couple of days before returning on the 22. prague is ververy pretty and historically beautiful and interesting and ahhh i want to live here some day, or at least come here with mom and dad. i have taken sooo many pictures, which reminds me i need to put more on here and blog more, i am such a shitty blogger and i have also been slagging so much with writing in my notebook too. i ammm going to get on that too! whenever i am borred in the CDI(school library) i am going to post a random post. i really want to remember my feelings, and the things i see and experience… i think i just want to see how i have changed and how my thought have changed and formed and reformed.even though this year is really hard at times, i am just sooooooo excited for to see how far i have come and all the adventures a long the way….

honestly i think the hardest part is behind me.

first, out of that hell hell that i stayed in for 6 months

second, have the best host family i could ever ask for

third, my french has improved a lot, but there is still loads of room for improvement

i have really made tons of friends, and have, i think, started to fully take advantage of this.

ok gotta cut this baby short, my host sister wants to sleep, gotta turn out the light!!




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