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4 months….?

December 26, 2010

today the day after christmas exactly is the day that marks 4 months for me and my time here in france.

i feel pretty happy about it. i feel that i have made loads of progress and i think i have matured a bit ( albeit teensy tiny). i dont necessarily feel sad that its gone by really fast, because it doesnt really feel that way. i feel that its gone maybe a bit slow, the only thing thats changed between the horribly boring months is… my french has gotten loads better since  day one, i have been to paris and prague!, i have made tons of friends, i have survived a christmas without my family (thank the lord for skype) and  i have made lots of friends.

i have only one more month in  this family, i leave at the end of february. right now at this moment i am happy for being able to change families, i think (especially with a hos sister the same age) that changing families really helps along the exchange especially in the cold winter months. i have NOTHING planned in jan with rotary, so i am desperate need to mee up with some exchange friends and chat.  its not like i dont like my host fam, i love them to death but little things, the things that would bother anyone that was staying with a family who wasn’t their real fam, just kill me. and i know that its just that way i cant do anything. but i already know my second family and i am completely confident that it will be smooth sailing to that finish. the thing that really hits home for me is the host mom cooks SUPPPPEEERRR  heathly food!!!!! yes i hope that it has a semblance of my mom and dads cooking so i can sneak off a couple of these un welcome kilos before i had back home to see all my friends, who are all convinced i am going to come back as a goddess! well thats not going to happen if i got these suckers stuck on my thighs! plus i just cannot stand this hearty food and so much of it throughout the day!

and i think it will be nice to be the only girl in the family, ill have 3 bros one i think 9 and the other 14. i am just super excited to move because i think it will open up a new chapter of my exchange. ill be able to play soccer and i think since i will be the only girl i can start having my own friends over from school and it wont be weird that they are hanging with me and not my sister.

well bof (new favorite french word) i am sooo proud of myself for finally blogging…. nice to see the cobb webs swatted away!



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  1. December 26, 2010 1:09 am

    i meant to say i leave at the end of january..:)

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