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Changing HOst Family

February 6, 2011

today at 5 I am changing my host fam. at first i thought i would be happy to change, but now i am actually pretty sad and emotional. I really love this family, and i really feel like a part of them. I am not worried about not going well with the next fam at all. its just after 4 months with one family, i got really attached. It just shows me how hard its going to be to leave in june.

I always thought my exchange was going well, but not really AMAZING. i think this shows how good it is actually going, it feels so normal right now, like i am home.  of course i still miss my parents, friends, home and missoula. but right now, everything is good. good enough. that doesn’t mean that I am going to keep diong what I am. I want to keep testing myself anf doing something new each day. Thats a rut I don’t want to fall into.

Less than 4 months left here….. so weird, i remember when i made this blog, i made it at least 5 months before I left, now I don’t even have that much time left.


where did all the time go?

well if everything goes ahead to plan, i will be able to play soccer this coming friday, and that will be GREAT! and one of the great things about my new family, is that they eat way healthier than my fam right now, so i’ll be able to shed off some of these less than welcome kilos. i hope.

well in 2 weeks  i am going on a 9 day trip in spain with rotary exchange students! I am soooo excited, i hope the weather will be nicer, and maybe i can get my tan on! hhaha

lately crystal (taiwanese exchange student in my school) and i have been visiting some of the local cafés and bakerys. i have really enjoyed discoverying more and more of thann, but lord this is doing nothing for my already buldging waste line.

if it was impossible to gain weight on exchange than it would definately be 100% the best thing ever. but as that is definately not true, and i have the thunder thighs to prove it, sometimes i feels incredibly self conscience here. i just hope i can loose some of it before i have to come home and get my senior pictures taken…… haha thats a project!


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